ECU Flashing Equipment and Services

Specializing in Denso Equipped Sport Bikes

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Offering ECU Flashing Equipment and Services for
16 and 32 bit Denso ECU equipped Sport bikes

A successful world wide effort to unlock the secrets of reprogramming the original equipment ECUs of modern fuel injected sport bikes now gives owners the same capabilities as factory tuners to remap their ECUs.

For those who lack the time or electronics background to build their own programming hardware we offer ready to use programming devices and cables. We also offer an ECU modification service for the older 16bit ECUs that require machining of an opening and installation of a programming plug before they can be programmed.

If you don't need to tune your ECU but only desire a simple one time change in your RPM limits and/or removal of the 186mph top speed limiter we can save you the time and expense of obtaining all the programming hardware and learning how to use it.

What we don't offer is bike tuning services. Modifying the ignition and fuel maps of a modern sport bike requires special equipment and skills and is not something that can be done over the internet.

ECU Engineering Services

If you have a custom application or non-automotive vehicle not listed on our site that you would like to reprogram we may be able to help you out. Feel free to contact us about your project.